Dopravné u objednávek nad 1000,-Kč ZDARMA

FREE shipping on orders over CZK 1,000

FREE shipping on orders over CZK 1,000.

For our customers, we deliver parcels through the company zásilkovna, with the service of delivery to the address. How does it work ?


See you next day

We deliver 95% of shipments to an address in the Czech Republic in the D+1 mode. Enjoy fast delivery directly to your hands!

Exact delivery time

As soon as the courier has loaded your package, we will send you a notification with delivery information within 90 minutes. And we will go with the shipment to you!

Info about shipment movement

We have a great notification system, so you will have a great overview of every movement of your shipment. Right on your mobile!

Storage at the point of sale

If the courier cannot reach you, he will store the parcel for you at the nearest collection point, where you can pick it up the same day.

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